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Aftermarket Parts by American Holt

  • Save 20-40%
    on quality aftermarket parts
  • Reduce inventory costs and machine downtime
  • 97% of all orders ship complete within 24 hours
  • Parts guaranteed to perform as well as, or better than, the original parts
  • Immediate, in-stock access to over 3,000 aftermarket parts

For the past 20 years, American Holt has been a leading supplier of aftermarket parts to food, beverage, packaging, converting and consumer goods industries. Today, four-out-of-five of the world's largest food and beverage companies purchase American Holt replacement parts to significantly reduce inventory costs and minimize machine downtime.

PepsiCo Chooses American Holt

PepsiCo has chosen American Holt Corp. as one of its preferred suppliers of replacement parts under its Power of One initiative. We are proud to be selected by PepsiCo, and believe this speaks to our commitment to product quality, superior customer service and value.

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